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Johnny Impact is Proud of the Miz's Success

Posted By James Walsh on 01/09/18

John “Johnny Impact” Morrison spoke with The Ross Report and discussed The Miz, his friendship with Matt Cappotelli and more. Audio from the appearance is below, along with highlights (via Wrestling Inc):

On being proud of the Miz: “I’ve always been a big fan of the Miz. I think one of the biggest keys to his success is that he has always been emphatically himself, and because of that he is really authentic, so when you watch him you feel something. It’s not always true for people in the business, especially for those who don’t know who they are as a person themselves sometimes, and it feels like you are just watching a show. The Miz has done a really good job as always truly being himself on and off camera.”

On the Miz stepping up his game: “When we first started tagging he knew that he really needed to step up, which he has done. It is really cool to see him step up.”

Morrison also discussed Matt Cappotelli, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Morrison and Cappotelli were the winners of Tough Enough III, and they developed a strong friendship. Morrison said Cappotelli’s positive outlook has taught him to keep things in perspective.

On Matt Cappotelli’s battle with brain cancer: “Matt Cappotelli and I are lifelong friends. I haven’t been able to remain in touch with the rest of the cast, but last time I saw Matt, I specifically went to OVW and had gone that way for a Bachelor party and ended up having lunch with Matt after spending several days in Louisville, and till this day he is one of the most positive people I have ever known, and he has suffered more hardship than anybody. He recently got more bad news about his brain cancer coming back. My mind is with him a lot of times. If I had a bad day where I lose my keys or something, I think about Matt and suddenly my problems aren’t as bad as I originally thought.”