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Chris Jericho Wants to be NJPW's Brock Lesnar

Posted By James Walsh on 01/10/18

Chris Jericho was on Busted Open Radio and discussed his match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12. Audio and highlights (per WZ’s Bill Pritchard) are below:

On the draw of the match: “When WWE did [Braun] Strowman versus Brock [Lesnar], and [John] Cena versus Roman [Reigns] on kind of a secondary pay-per-view a few months ago, I was kind of like, ‘What an extra bonus for me,’ because those are two of the biggest matches you can have in the wrestling world. Once those two matches happened, it left it right open for ‘Alpha vs Omega’; there was no other match that was hotter in the business that you could have, maybe even Cena versus Undertaker, but I don’t even know if that would have the same type of buzz that this one had. [Cena vs Taker] was inevitable, but this one [Alpha vs Omega] was a total shock.”

On his plans for NJPW: “It’s… don’t oversaturate; I’m not going to join the G1 Climax and be just another guy. I want to do the Brock Lesnar idea in New Japan. I just want to hit my spots and come and go, almost where you’re like, ‘This guy is never there, but when he’s there he makes an impact.’ And that might be the extent of it, so I just have to reevaluate and see what I want to do next wrestling wise. What can I do and make an impact, what is available timing wise, and how is the body holding up.”

On the reaction to the match: “A lot of people are saying my last match was my best match that I’ve ever had, and I never expected that. I knew it was going to be good, but to have that? That is just a completely different level of excitement. Once again, I just kind of stumbled into this really cool position by marking smart moves by using my brain. I think the smart thing is, sometimes I think you just have to look at the forest for the trees, and see what the big picture is.”