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Scott D'Amore & Don Callis Talk Impact's Future

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/12/18

Impact Wrestling conducted a media conference call today featuring Executive Vice Presidents Scott D’Amore and Don Callis. Here are the highlights, courtesy of Himanshu D:

In regards to breaking news of Aries as Champion, D’Amore said “Something that is new that we are trying going to monitor and we will see what response is to it”

D’Amore: “We have made a drastic change in regards to how we deal with IP, we sat down and its important all wrestlers know that right is available to including Matt Hardy and we wish them all success”

D’Amore: “It’s Important that we find fresh talent and its important that we look to grow the knockout division”

Callis: ” We are moving towards a future where you have to embrace whats going on in the business. The power is in the hands of the wrestlers.”

D’Amore: on Impact WRESTLING taping location “We do feel strongly its important that we get out in front of fans in US and hopefully around the world, good chance you will see us in Canada and other US locations”

D’Amore: on twitch Impact WRESTLING deal “You will see an Impact channel on twitch including historic and new content. Behind the fourth wall and wrestlers not in a studio setting”

Callis: on going back to 4 sided ring “Both shared view that primary importance is creating environment where talent can flourish from top to bottom. Talent prefer 4 sided ring”

D’Amore: on contract expires of EC3, Lashley and other “Always look for a combination of established talent as well as influx of new talent. This is a business where we work together but sometimes we part ways and see you down the road”

Callis: on role at Impact WRESTLING “I have no plans to be in front of the camera”

Callis: on how its been since returning to Impact WRESTLING “Being around the boys has been great. Its a steep learning curve being around the TV filming. Its an intense learning experience but I’m having fun”

D’Amore: on what we won’t see from Impact WRESTLING going forward “Decisions made for anything other than what we feel is best for the company. Talent won’t be treated as assets and as human beings.”

D’Amore: regarding PPV schedule “Currently evaluating schedule in a world that is ever changing in content delivery the PPV business has changed. PPV will be area we will look to grow.”

There will be a live PPV in April coming shortly

D’Amore: on partnership with AAA and NOAH “We have an open door policy as discussed we want to work with as many partners as we can. We want to focus on bringing in great talent from around the World.”

D’Amore: on plans to bring Impact WRESTLING to the UK “The UK has been a huge market for this company historically. We are excited and stoked to be working with Spike UK and part is getting product on TV and other part is engaging with live events.”

Callis: on rumour of Rey Mysterio joining Impact WRESTLING “Read lot of rumours so I kind of don’t put a lot of stock into rumours. Fans look at who they like to see and I totally get it.”

D’Amore: on new Impact WRESTLING Title belts “There will be new Title belts for April”

D’Amore: on plans of Impact WRESTLING tapings in the UK “We want to get out in front of UK fans in live event setting, TV would be fantastic if we could get to that point again”

D’Amore: on WOS “Was really excited to work on relaunch of WOS before but if opportunity comes up again we would be very open and exciting for an opportunity like that”

D’Amore: on Austin Aries winning the Title “Austin is a tremendous talent who has long history with Impact. Getting him in the mix is a great opportunity for us. He has a mindset which aligns with a lot of things we are looking to do here”

D’Amore: on bringing back British Bootcamp “Tremendous talent pool in UK which certainly deserve opportunities on broader skill. One of great things about Bootcamp was to get a connection to these talents. Proved to be a successful concept. Something we will look at.”

Callis: on what’s next Impact WRESTLING “We have a short honeymoon period and have to make the most of that. My goal is focusing on delivering product wrestling fans want to see and lets make this place a destination for fans and talent”

D’Amore: “The proven approach in any business is that there is a lot of little things that need to be done to lead to better times. Not one move will change the world of Impact WRESTLING”

D’Amore: “Trust has to be built with fans, wrestlers, others in the wrestling industry. We can say it all we want but as we sit here at beginning of 2018 there is speculation. We need to consistently put out a product that fans can get invested in.”

Callis: on marketing plans “The best bet for any company is you first have to have the product. Talk about show me not tell me. Before we get into it too much we have to show people what we are about. What is the Impact story.”

Callis: on Moose injury speculation “He tweaked his knee. He is being evaulated today but we think he is going to be ok”

Callis: on goals for next 12 months “Hard to pick out one thing. We want to have a buzz about the product that is second to none. If you have the buzz that means you are reaching customers and your fans. If we do that lot of other pieces fall into place.”

D’Amore: on seeing another Impact WRESTLING video game “We would love to explore opportunities. I’m sure its something we will look to tackle in 2018. We would be foolish to say we didn’t want a video game.”

Callis: “We want to be accessible to media where we can. Want to get the word out and of course and have an open door policy. Scott, Ed and I want to make this place a destination for fans and talent