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Big Show Does Not Think Undertaker is Done

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/18

In an interview with Uproxx, The Big Show said that he doesnít believe that the Undertaker is done wrestling yet, plus he spoke about the prospects of Braun Strowman. Here are highlights:

On if Braun Strowman could be an all-time great: ďI think so. As long as he stays healthy, heís just got too much to offer. Heís got the right attitude, heís got the right intensity and hunger for it, and he understands thereís times to be a monster, and thereís also times to make other guys look good. You can run out there and make yourself look good all day thatís not what our business is about. Our business is about making Ö Iíve always had a standard philosophy itís: Get the match over, get your opponent over, then get yourself over, if you can do those three things in that order youíll have a long career. Thatís what youíre here for. Youíre here to entertain our fans, give our fans the best competition, the best product possible. And also keep yourself in this business for as long as possible where youíre dependable, you bring something unique to the table in any situation youíre in, whether youíre wrestling a guy thatís 5í2″ or youíre wrestling another guy seven [feet tall]. Versatility and dependability is the key. I think Braunís definitely one of those guys that can take that and go forward with it.Ē

On if The Undertaker is done wrestling: ďNo, man, Iím telling you: the Undertaker, they donít call him ĎThe Phenomí for nothing bro, Iím telling you. An Undertaker at 30 percent is better than most everybody else at 90 percent, Iíll tell you that much. If that makes any sense at all. Heís just that damn good.Ē

On not getting his match with Shaq at Wrestlemania: ďWell, thatís business. Thereís no one really to get mad at in that situation. You try to create a hype, you try to create an interest, you try to create an angle, then it comes down to Ö Iím working with entities that are outside of WWE. Shaq had a fantastic attitude with everything and really wanted to do it, at the same time he has a lot of commitments that heís committed to. When it comes down to getting availability and time, and trying to schedule the right thing all the way around, it was just a conflict of interest and timing. That doesnít mean the doorís shut on that at all. I think Shaq will always have an open door with WWE, we always had a great time working with him, and heís such an incredible charismatic dude, I wouldnít be surprised if he didnít do something again with us in the future. Did we miss the opportunity a Big Show/Shaq feud at WrestleMania? Yeah. If I was being honest about it, we probably should have had that feud 10 years ago, you know what I mean? We tried to pull something off maybe a little bit too late, and the timing didnít work out. But thatís okay, one door shuts, another door opens. I never look in the past or believe in shouldíve, couldíve, wouldíve Ö Itís always today and tomorrow, and onward and upward.Ē