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Austin Aries Says Weight Divisions in Wrestling Are Silly

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 02/09/18

Here are some highlights of the Impact Wrestling Austin Aeries Conference Call...

His Thoughts in Weight Divisions on Wrestling: I decided to return as a world-class wrestler. Thatís why I made sure that people understand that it is the Impact World Championship. For me, weight divisions in wrestling are a little silly because we never adhere to them, we never use them. Right? Thereís also this perception that if youíre less than a heavyweight or if youíre not 206 lbs., somehow you canít be on top of the card. Or you canít be considered main event talent. Itís just foolish. If you look at other sports such as MMA or boxing, guys like Floyd Mayweather, guys like Conor McGregorÖnever been heavyweights a day in their lives. Yet theyíve been a draw throughout their lives, in their respective sports.

His Thoughts on Eli Drake: I was amused by Eli Drakeís promo. The greatest wrestler that ever lived, the greatest friend that ever lived (laughs). I think Eliís definitely a charismatic guy. He definitely has the gift of gab and sometimes people overlook that heís a pretty good in-ring wrestler. Heís very athletic. Heís got a great look to him. Heís in great shape. I think sometimes his character almost overshadows that. People donít give him credit for that. As far as following the product, you know what? I try to follow wrestling as much as I need to for someone who does it for a living. But Iím not a fanatic anymore. I think somewhere along the line, I outgrew being a die-hard fan of professional wrestling. I think a lot of it, to be quite honest, isnít really catered to somebody my age with my interests. I think a lot of it is for kids. I mean thatís when I fell in love with wrestling. When I was four years old. But I do try to keep up to make sure Iím educated. To make sure that for somebody who does it for a profession, Iím keeping myself in the loop with the talent and whatís going on with different companies, so Iím always educated.