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WWE RAW House Show Results for 02/10/18

Posted By James Walsh on 02/11/18

WWE held a Raw-branded live event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Saturday night. The results were, per Wrestling Inc:

* Finn Balor & Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows) defeated Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel after Balor hit the Coup de Grace for the win . The venue was still half empty during this match.

* Hideo Itami defeated TJP. The crowd was dead during this match.

* The Revival defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno. Huge pop for Heath Slater and Rhyno with ECW chants

* Sasha Banks & Mickie James defeated Absolution (without Paige) after Sasha got the Bank Statement on Mandy Rose. Huge pop for Sasha Banks.

* Braun Strowman defeated Elias with a running powerslam. The crowd was split for Elias. Huge pop for Strowman, who hit another powerslam after the match.

* RAW Womens Champion Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley & Nia Jax after Nia hit Bayley with a Samoan drop and was dropkicked out of the ring by Bliss, allowing her to steal the pin.

* Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt with the Twist of Fate in by far the worst match of the night. Huge pop for Matt Hardy, though.

* Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins defeated RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar via disqualification. Major heat for Reigns while Rollins got the pop of the night. After the match, Rollins and Reigns hit their finishers on Sheamus and Cesaro to send the crowd home happy