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THE RANT: Impact Wrestling versus Ring of Honor - It Writes Itself!

Posted By James Walsh on 04/08/18

This past weekend, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling ran huge events for the advancement of their respective promotions. Ring of Honor presented Supercard of Honor totheir largest in house audience in history broadcast on their Honor Club app. Meanwhile, or a day prior, Impact Wrestling presented Impact Wrestling versus Lucha Underground on their Twitch channel. Both, despite technical glitches and talent with responsibility issues, were successes for their respective brands. But, it harkens back to the old argument of which promotion is the second largest in the United States.

The answer we came up with is simple and a non-answer. "It depends on how you look at it."

To explain, look at it this way.

Impact Wrestling has a national TV dea on POP TV at a set time every Thursday evening. It reaches roughly 300,000 viewers per week every week no matter if there is a big football, basketball, hockey, or baseball game on. That core audience is set. And, they can count on them, give or take, to tune in each week.

Ring of Honor does not have that set TV deal. It airs on Comet but I find it on my DVR having aired at various times on a Thursday and it is not every week that it airs.


When Ring of Honor travels, they played to sold out houses wherever they go. THey can play Vegas, Nashville, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City... It does not matter, they have a big house. And, of course, they had a huge house in New Orleans last night.

Impact Wrestling tried traveling a few years back playing to nearly empty baseball stadiums back in 2013. They tried a like approach in 2017 and results varied. Presently, they co-brand shows with other shows with a known following in the area so they are assured a solid audience. This is the case for WrestlePro in New York/New Jersey, Big Time Wrestling in California, and Scott D'Amore's own Borer City Wrestling in the Toronto area.

So, what company is bigger?

Historically, it was easier to say Impact ro TNA, as it was, is the larger company. When Impact had Hulk Hogan and Sting on the show, it was hard to argue otherwise. But, that is not the case anymore. Impact is building brand loyalty again after a difficult 204, 2015, and 2016 with cut budgets and ultimately the sale of the brand to Anthem. But, the brand was damaged and they know it. Ring of Honor, on the other hand, suffered no damage over the years. They do what they do. And, though a slow ascension, it seems to be working for them.

The simple answer is both brands are making good strides. You can argue, effectively, for either company being the second company in the US. Regardless, we as fans should appreciate that we have these choices and embrace them both as they bring quality programming in a very different way each week. We are lucky to have them and should enjoy both!

That said, if the companies ever did decide to battle for the "Who is Bigger" battle, could you imagine the business they would do? Bringing both audiences together and airing it maybe as a TV special on POP in a neutral venue could result in some great TV ratings and a boost to both company's standing.

It writes itself. There is red tape and egos that would have to be worked through. But, if it happened, damn, I'd buy a ticket!