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Rusev is Not Out of WWE Says WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 04/13/18

To add to the story, Bryan Alvarez stated on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestlezone.com) that Rusev is far from gone from the company. In fact, he claimed all the weirdness on social media involving him has all been “storyline,” and there is apparently no scandal.

Alvarez also reiterated the earlier claim that the Bulgarian Brute has instead been moved to working the Rumble match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event instead of the match with The Undertaker. He stated the following:

“There is no scandal involving Rusev, it is all storyline. Rusev is no longer in the match with The Undertaker. He’s been replaced by Chris Jericho. They ran some goofy stuff on social media to get people talking – which they did. Rusev, I believe, is going to be in The Greatest Royal Rumble, so he’s still on the show. The point is that Rusev is not quitting. He’s not leaving. He’s not getting fired. Nothing like that. They just decided Jericho vs Undertaker would be a better match even though they announced Rusev vs Undertaker before they figured that out.”

So it appears, at least for now, that he’s not quitting or leaving the WWE.

ORIGINAL: WWE has weighed in on the rumors running rampant this week that one Bulgarian Brute could be gone from the company. As previously reported, Rusev removed all references to WWE from his Twitter page earlier today. This has led to speculation that Rusev could be on the outs with WWE or on his way out. Ahead of WrestleMania 34, there were rumors that Rusev had asked for his release.

Additionally, he was originally scheduled to face The Undertaker in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event. However, he was later replaced in the match with Chris Jericho. Sports Illustrated writer Jimmy Traina also commented on the news on Twitter. According to Traina, WWE is claiming that rumors of Rusev leaving the company are untrue. You can read Train’s tweet below. He will still be working the Greatest Royal Rumble event this month, but instead he will be one of the entrants in the Rumble match rather than working a match with Undertaker.

The upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble event is set for April 27. The event will be held at the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event will be streamed live on the WWE Network.

Jimmy Traina

Wrestling fans, I asked the WWE if Rusev has left the company. WWE said those rumors are not true, he is still with the company and he will be in the Royal Rumble match at Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. #RusevDay

8:55 AM - Apr 13, 2018