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Hulk Hogan Feels Ultimate Warrior Forgave Him

Posted By James Walsh on 04/14/18

In a series of posts on Twitter, Hulk Hogan spoke about talking with Ultimate Warrior at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2014 and he said he still believes Warrior was speaking the truth when they forgave each other. He wrote:

Warrior spoke with a God presence when we talked we said we forgave each other we said we loved each other,I choose to believe his words,next day at Raw we laughed with Patterson and had a blast! Any negative,jaded,evil opinions that his words were not true I refuse to believe HH pic.twitter.com/eUON0YUwd8

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) April 14, 2018

Hulk can I ask the Question what or who made you question that he wasn't genuine about forgiving you.

— Mark (@Markp1888) April 14, 2018

brother it was someone very close to him but it doesn’t matter,l believe him when he spoke and looked me directly in the eyes then we had a blast at Raw the next day. HH

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) April 14, 2018

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He said: “‘Wrestler’s Court’ is like somebody steals my move and I can take him to ‘Wrestler’s Court.’ So, we have the jury, we have everyone watching, the judge, and I plead my case. … I can chose someone to represent me or to represent myself. We plead our cases and the jury figures everything out. Judge makes his [decision] and if you don’t want to do what needs to be done – let’s say he has to be my driver for the next two weeks – if he doesn’t do that, then, the bailiff comes and anything could happen.“