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Terri Runnels Says Chyna SHould be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Posted By James Walsh on 04/14/18

On a recent episode of her Cigars, Scars and Superstars podcast (transcript via wrestlinginc.com ), Terri Runnels discussed why she believes that Chyna should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

On Chyna Being Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame: “Without a doubt. Absolutely. Why wouldn’t she be? I can’t really give you that answer. I’m not in the office and I can’t give you that answer, but I know that there is a lot of emotions that are tied in with her, and we know the story of the different relationships and how they ended up happening, but you know, I think Joanie is one of those people, no matter where you live in the world, she is one of the women in the world you have heard of,” Runnels said. “I know that Dustin Rhodes was very good with working with her. In the beginning, I know some of the guys didn’t want to work with her because they thought it would look bad if they worked with a female, but I’m proud of Dustin for being front and center and was willing to work with her immediately.”

On Her WrestleMania 16 Match With The Kat: “I think we were the only females that were in that show if I’m not mistaken. I remember being frustrated and disappointed that I was going to do this Cat Fight. I thought to me it was low rent, low class, and at the time I wasn’t thinking, hey, hello, Terri, you are in WrestleMania as one of the matches, and so because I was always wanting and trying to have my character be better than, and a step above, it disappointed me that type of match I was in, which probably me expressing that disappointed both Vince’s, Vince McMahon and Vince Russo. I’m sure my disappointment disappointed that. I am honored to have been in that match. I am honored to have been part of WrestleMania 16 and be one of the main matches on the show,” Runnels said. “It’s one of those things where it’s like, we need to use your body. That was basically what me and Stacy [The Kat] were there for. There was humor in it, and a lot of times I was in a match there was humor. I was not a properly trained wrestler. While I did the best I could, and always gave it my absolute best, we all know that Terri Runnels was not the best wrestler so I gave it the old college try no matter how sick to my stomach I was all day long, worrying about what it was going to look like, and if I was going to do okay just being so nervous, I tried as best as I could. The moment I walked through the curtain where Gorilla Position is, the moment I walked through I tried looking like I was confident and happier than a pig in poop to be there and do what I was doing. I am thankful that a lot of people helped me out a long the way, but that was a very interesting thing. I was very happy to have Val Venis, especially with our history. I thought it was very cool to have Val Venis around.”

On Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah Being Involved: “No, I think anytime Mae and Fabulous Moolah were part of something they were happy to be there,” she said. “I don’t want to get this wrong, but the last thing I want people to think is that I was not proud to be part of WrestleMania. I felt that it was twisted and turned a little bit with the Raw 25 Anniversary. I was so proud to be part of it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have thoughts and feelings to of wished it would have gone a certain way or if it had this certain thing or that certain thing, but the overall feeling that I had for both things were massive pride and appreciation to be part of it. I think that Mae Young and Moolah were happy to be on WrestleMania and be part of it, and any time they were incorporated in a match and the main story in any of the shows they were really happy and proud to do that. I didn’t get any bad feedback for that from any of them.”