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Lita Talks About Hosting Show About UFOs

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/09/18

In an interview with Punk Rock and UFOs, Lita spoke about her upcoming gig as the host of The UFO Sho on ASY TV. Here are highlights:

On what her show is about: “My premise of the show is incorporating being on the road and stopping and pulling over at every [UFO themed] road side attraction, but we weren’t going to be that show that actually proves anything. We aren’t ‘hunting’ UFOs. It’s more of a human interest show. The theme that links all the parties together.”

On wanting to do more research on the subject: “I saw a pamphlet for a UFO tour that said ‘sightings guaranteed or your money back’ and I wanted to go off the flier alone. We went up there with night vision goggles and [the tour guide] is a lifetime ‘experiencer’ and researcher, and is a trip to be around. When she got in her zone and started talking, the things she was talking about were making sense. We saw so much crazy s— up there. Basically, showed us how to measure altitude, and what military grade planes can fly at and after what after a certain area is considered unidentified. That from there that made me go and want to learn everything about it; it was my new leisure research subject.”

On the goal of the show: “With the show, it’s all about ‘let’s just talk about it.’ I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind.”