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Rey Mysterio Praises Cody Rhodes, Wants to Work With Him

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/10/18

Rey Mysterio recently appeared on the X-Pac 12360 podcast, here are the highlights…

Rey Mysterio Talks About What His Mask Has Become And The Importance Of It: My mask and what my mask represented for the years I have put into this sport, in Mexico became cultural. It became like Konnan would say, ‘Like Tequilla in Mexico, the sombrero, the serapes in Mexico.’ You were seeing my mask all around the World Cup when Mexico was playing at one point…two World Cup’s ago Mexico went based off the colors of one of my outfits and my masks and they designed their gear based on a Rey Mysterio outfit and color scheme. That just goes to show…it’s big, really really big. I think what I’ve done for Lucha Libre in the years has transcended what anybody else could have ever thought of doing.

Rey Mysterio On The Best High-Flyer In The World Right Now: Oh, you got me there. I want to say, I guess this answer’s fair because they’re from different countries so I’m going to do one from each country. Mexico Rey Fenix, US Ricochet, and UK Ospreay. I would love to see them in a three-way.

Rey Mysterio Talks About Cody Rhodes and Wanting To Work With Him In The Future: I actually do hope to work with him {Cody Rhodes} and meet outside of the WWE, I think after you’ve been in the WWE and you know what the grind is like and at some point you feel that it’s not for you and you need a break, you need to speak up, be heard. And I think that’s what he did…but now he’s pretty much doing what he loves, he’s still wrestling. He’s working with I’d say one of the biggest companies in Japan that is starting to make a big impact here in the U.S as well, but I truly hope to see him in the ring one day for New Japan.

Rey Mysterio Talks About His Son Dominic’s Wrestling Future: I’m very happy and honored to pass the torch on to my son, who’s actually training right now. He’s moving along with his training and there’s nothing that excites me and makes me feel proud as to what my son is doing right now, following in my footsteps. Being in the business as hard as it is and as rough as it is…you obviously hope that your kid would follow in your footsteps one day. And that day came about two and half years ago with my son. He’s actually doing a good job, going through his training phases. He started in Tampa last year with Jay Lethal…he’s back home now and in September he goes up to Canada to train with Lance Storm. He hasn’t had a match, it’s funny how promoters book me and at the end of the conversation they’ll just throw out ‘Hey if you want to bring your son out here, if he wants to come out, we’ll take care of him.’ and I’m like nah he’s not ready yet {Laughs}. I’ll be the first to say he’s definitely not ready. He’s in the learning process but overall I have this mentality on how I want to prepare him to better than his old man, cause I know he will be, I am that positive that he’s gonna be better than his old man. And I wanna take him around and learn from different camps. I wanna get him into a New Japan camp, they just opened in LA. Get him into Booker T’s school and I might even send him to Japan for a couple months. Hopefully within the next year and a half if he’s ready, I’ll be the last to take care of him. I’ll just finish it up and polish him to be ready to go.