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Ivelisse Talks Season 4 of Lucha Underground

Posted By James Walsh on 05/10/18

Ivelisse spoke with Chris Van Vliet for a new interview and talked about her WWE release, Lucha Underground season four and more. Video and highlights are below:

On whatís new for Season 4 of Lucha Underground: ďItís going to be a different setting, itís not too different where it feels like itís out of this world. It has a nice mixture of familiarity with a little bit of different. The setting is really cool. Thereís a lot of new characters being introduced as well for Season 4 and specifically for me, youíre going to see a lot of bad ass solo stuff, solo in the sense that thereís no love story stuff that Iíve never really been a fan of.Ē

On being fired from WWE right before the Womenís Evolution began: ďItís kind of bittersweet that thatís what I was trying to fight for when I was in WWE. I did it at the wrong time I suppose, just a little bit before it was time to do that. At that time Bill DeMott was the person that was there and he was kind of a big obstacle for what my goal was there, so right before this womenís evolution. Right after I was released when was Sara Del Rey was signed which pretty much signified an actual change coming. That was very bitter. I probably could have held on a little bit longer and maybe it would have been different, but thatís life and weíll see what the future holds.Ē

On standing up to Bill DeMott, who eventually got her fired: ďHe has a personality that can become rather quickly a bully type personality. For whatever the reason is in his life, I donít know, but he has that type of personality and eventually it will catch up to you. At first it works on fear with everyone around them but it catches up. For example, someone like me who isnít scared to stand up for themselves regardless of the fact that one punch from him and Iíd be down. But in my mind, I donít fear that because if he were to choose to do something like that I would be suing him and who wins in that kind of scenario? A lot of people will be fearful of that but someone will always come along and stand up for themselves and he was able to get rid of me at that point but eventually it all stacks up on you.Ē

On who she would want to face in a dream match: ďIíd want to wrestle Asuka because we have very, very similar wrestling styles. Like incredibly similar wrestling styles. I think it would mesh really well to be like a martial arts red dragon versus blue dragon type of thing and Iíd really like that.Ē