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Jack Swagger Has No Ill Feelings About WWE Run

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/11/18

In an interview with CBS Sports, Jake “Jack Swagger” Hager spoke about his future MMA career and revealed he had no bad feelings about his time in WWE. Here are highlights:

On if he considers MLW to be an independent promotion: “Personally, I hate the terms indies or independent promotion when it comes to professional wrestling. I feel like it’s a stigma that’s attached to it that no longer exists. Of course, there are the bad ones, but I think these promotions are just like self-run businesses now. I think a promotion like MLW which has really built a name and a brand and has a TV deal is definitely not an independent promotion. I look at them as a promotion with a television show with great opportunities. [If you look at who’s there], Tony Schiavone is just one, but the roster is incredible here and it’s just going to be so exciting to see the product.”

On training for MMA: “The hard work’s paying off and the hard training is only making my body feel better. It’s crazy. When I left [WWE] last year I was pretty banged up and not in that good of shape. And this crossing over into a new world has really forced me to focus on my body and I feel 24 again. We’re looking at end of 2018. I got really busy with pro wrestling so we pushed the date back, but at the end of 2018 I’m going to come out and I will make a statement.”

On his time in WWE: “I look back at my career and I’m very thankful. Successful people don’t look back and waste energy on what could have been and all the stuff that didn’t happen. … If my fans want to see me back in the WWE, you know, never say never, but we got a big agenda ahead of us for 2018 that we’re pretty excited about.”