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The Miz Discusses How He's Matured as Wrestling Talent

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 05/12/18

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed WWE Superstar The Miz, and he addressed Daniel Bryan. Below are some highlights from the interview.

The Miz on how heís matured more as a talent than when he was world champion: ďNot only is it a fair assessment, itís absolutely correct. Back when I was champion before, it wasnít that I wasnít ready for the title. Back then, I thought, ĎIím the champion and I should be the champion, thereís no doubt in my mind.í Now I know this is my time. This is my time to shine and be the face, thatís exactly what I am going to do on SmackDown Live.

With the Intercontinental championship, my sole goal was to make it relevant, prestigious, and honorable like it was when I was a kid. I succeeded in that goal. I lost that title to Seth Rollins. As much as I can be bitter or angry or mad about that, when you look at Seth Rollins as a talent, there is arguably no one better in that WWE ring. He is a master in that ring and he showcased it all at Backlash. We gave it all out there, and he came out on top. Since heís had the title, heís done exactly what he said he would: be a fighting champion. Heís a workhorse, and he absolutely deserves the Intercontinental championship.

My goal is to make the WWE championship as relevant and prestigious as it should be. Now do I think AJ Styles is doing a terrific job as WWE champion? Absolutely. But that WWE Championship should be in the main event of every pay per view, and it upsets me when I see that itís not. My goal is to not only win the Money in the Bank contract, cash it in, and become WWE champion. I want to put that title back where it belongs: the main event. Like I always say, the man makes the title, the title doesnít make the man. I will make the WWE Championship the most prestigious and honorable title in all the WWE just like I did the Intercontinental championship.Ē

The Miz on Daniel Bryan walking away from him like a coward and how Bryan is not on his level: ďOn Talking Smack, I told Daniel Bryan exactly the way I felt and heís the one who basically came at me. Everyone looks at me as the bad guy, but whoís the bad guy there? Daniel Bryan said my work is soft, that my work is cowardly. He said my work isnít as good, that Iím not a good in-ring technician. Iím good for some things? Maybe on the microphone? Maybe I can be a manager or a commentator? But what I heard was that I was not good enough in the ring. And this was coming from a guy who was injured and couldnít come back from that injury.

Daniel Bryan could have quit and went and did all his indies and did all the bingo hall things, but he wanted to fight for his dreams. But that day, he didnít fight for his dreams. He walked away like the coward he was calling me. Now you fast forward and everybody wants to see Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz, but the fact is Daniel Bryan isnít at the caliber I am at. I am sick of people sitting there saying, ĎDaniel Bryan vs. The Miz.í He doesnít deserve to be in the ring with me. Heís not at the level that I am. I am showcasing top-level talent, and maybe in a year or maybe in two years, heíll be at that level. But right now, heís not at that level. Heís just going on the fame he had four years ago. Things changed. So when Daniel Bryan is ready, and I feel that he is ready, thatís when the match will happen. Until then, heís not ready for me.Ē