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Tyrus Explains Why He Left Impact Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 05/12/18

Busted Open Radio recently interviewed former Impact Wrestling and WWE Superstar Tyrus. Below are some highlights and an audio clip of the interview (transcript via WrestlingInc.com).

Tyrus on his situation in WWE and working with what he was given: ďWhen I was in the WWE, you wanted to be on that TV, and it didnít matter what situation I was in. Perfect example: when I left Alberto [Del Rio], they had ran all the things for me to kill it and I was getting ready to be this big heel. Well, Mark [Henry] came back, excited and ready to go. Kane healed up, he was gonna be a heel. Big Show, it depends on his mood. And they were like, Ďdo you wanna wait three months while we see what happens with Mark and Kane?í And I was like, Ďno, give me whatever you want. I donít give a d**n.'Ē

Tyrus on what led to his TNA/Impact Wrestling exit: ď[Impact does] 300,000 on a good week as far as ratings go, so obviously what youíre doing is not working. So I think itís just best if I take my ball and go home and Iíll wait this out and see what happens as far as my wrestling career. But, itís not a good thing for my brand to be a part of Impact, when every week itís a different change or a different person. It was just too much, and I felt that I had earned the right, out of the respect that my peers have for me in the ring and how I carry myself out the ring. If itís a sinking ship, Iím not going down with it. So, I just thought it was best for me to move on.Ē