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THE RANT: Impact Wrestling Had an Off Episode on Thursday

Posted By James Walsh on 05/12/18

On Thursday, Impact Wrestling was probably the worst episode since 2016. Last year, 2017, saw renewed excitement for the brand with the new ownership taking over. There have been a few peaks and valleys since then but Redemption was a sign that the company had really hit its stride. In fact, the next 2 weeks of Impact were exceptionally good. But, the May 10th episode of Impact Wrestling was just not good at all.

What was bad about it? Ok, here goes.

First, the show started off with Josh Mathews in a mellow tone explaining what happened to Don Callis at the hands of Sami Callihan. That mellow, somber tone would carry throughout the entire episode. At times, it felt like a damn memorial show.

Josh Mathews never got a broadcast partner. Obviously, Callis was not used to sell the Callihan attack. But, no SOnjay Dutt? No Madison Rayne? She's done comentary in the past and done well. And, Josh might well be the GOAT but Gordon Solie often played off whoever he was paired with and was best in those circumstances as did Jim Ross off Jerry Lawler. Very few can carry a show solo because it becomes a case of only one view and no banter or humor being interjected.

Another problem was 2 matches in a row came from outside companies. I'm not a fan of this in general but even less so if it makes up a good chunk of the show and is used back to back. So, we had House of Hardcore AND Pro Wrestling NOAH back to back. All with a sad sounding Josh calling the action which wasn't quite really Impact Wrestling content. It felt like a "Wrestling Gold" DVD or something.

The decision to not allow Callihan and Edwards wrestle and then announce they would face off in another promotion and Impact will air it was frustrating. I expect this will obviously continue all the way to Slammiversary and take twists and turns around the way possibly all the way up to having Alisha Edwards turn on Eddie and join Callihan in a Beulah or Francine leaving Dreamer for Raven kind of way. But, in the short term, an entire episode of Impact was hijacked for an attack that really fell a little flat to advance a story that was red hot and seems actually hindered by the "you can wrestle but not here" decision.

Katie Lee Burchill's debut was well done. Hey, she likes men again after a seemingly never ending strange lesbian slave angle she had going with Angelina Love. Oh, wait. Are we not supposed to know she's the former Winter? I will say this. She looked amazing. Much more attractive than I ever remember her. And, I like Grado a lot. So, I'm willing to see where this goes.

Did I blink and miss a Knockouts match? I saw the Tessa Blanchard video. But, was there a match and I didn't catch it?

Finally, the main event. I like both performers. Ironically, Eli Drake has actually become better since losing the World Title and having Chris Adonis not be at his side. He's shined more. That said, Pentagon as champion seems a tad rushed and as a result I wasn't fully buying the main event. It was fine. THe match was good. And, I'm curious where they take it next as clearly Aries wants a rematch. But, I'm concerned.

Overall, the company had SUCH momentum with great shows since Redemption. But, Impact fell flat this week. And, it fell hard. I'm not surprised the rating went down. It didn't feel important and at times, it felt depressing and somber. That isn't how it should feel.