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Becky Lynch Discusses Her 2017

Posted By James Walsh on 05/13/18

Becky Lynch appeared on the Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia podcast and discussed her ups and downs in 2017, her friendship with Charlotte Flair and more. Highlights are below, per Wrestling Inc:

On being able to travel with Charlotte Flair again now that Flair’s on Smackdown: “It’s awesome. You know when you are traveling, you are traveling with somebody who has the same schedule and likes doing the same things. Goes to the same gym, eats at the same food places and things like that. That is one thing that makes the traveling more convenient, but also someone you can vent to all the time, or stay up with. It just makes the road life that much easier.”

On the trials she went through in 2017: “I mean, this year has been a mixed bag because I did a lot of great things. I achieved a lot of the goals I had set out for myself. I moved to Los Angeles, California, which I love. I got to be the lead female in Marine 6. I did some stuff with Nickelodeon, and of course we got to do the first and second ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We’ve had the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble and Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal, so there’s some great points there. Being somebody who is ambitious and complacent. I know I won’t look at 2017 as my most successful year. I wasn’t on television and featured in storylines as much as I would like to be, but of course that sets you up for the following year where we say to ourselves, ‘Okay, that may not be what I wanted, but how can we kick down the door and makes sure that 2018 is going to be better and bigger?'”