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CM Punk Says He Can't Watch WWE Anymore

Posted By James Walsh on 06/07/18

In an interview with MMA Fighting, CM Punk revealed that he canít watch wrestling anymore, not even for shows outside of WWE. Here are highlights:

On Ronda Rouseyís WWE debut: ďThe only thing I told her was to just have fun. I donít know what itís like back there in this current environment. I know sheíd probably get treated differently, just as I know I probably get treated differently here. The only thing I ever told her is, ĎI know youíve got a lot of people telling you, do this, donít do thisí ó whatever you do, when you go out there for WrestleMania, make sure you have fun. Period.Ē

On if he saw her match: ďNo, I did not. I saw a couple of clips here and there. And still, when I say itís hard for me to watch wrestling, itís not like an anxiety thing, itís not like an, Ďugh, I canít do it.í I literally, I canít get through eight seconds without being like, ĎOK, umm, can I change the channel? Iím bored, I gotta watch something else.í Itís like going to a baseball game at [New York Mets stadium] CitiField. I like Wrigley Field, itís old school. Going to a baseball game at CitiField, itís like a guy gets ball four and they blow off fireworks and thereís LED screens on everything. Wrestling now is completely like that. Thereís LED screens everywhere and thereís flashing lights and I feel like Iím gonna have a seizure.Ē

On not even watching independent wrestling: ďSame thing. I donít know why. Subconsciously, thereís like a disconnect. I see clips. I know [New Japan star] Kenny Omega is the hot guy. Heís probably one of the better guys in the world right now, but itís the same thing. Iíll watch clips of matches, I donít see myself watching a full match. I just canít do it.Ē