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Triple H Discusses Transitioning from Wrestler to Office

Posted By James Walsh on 06/07/18

At WWE’s Emmy Awards For Your Consideration event in North Hollywood, California on Wednesday, Triple H was interviewed by Stephanie McMahon. The Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative discussed what it’s like to go behind the scenes after so long in front of the camera.

Asked by McMahon about making the transition from an in-ring talent to the head of talent relations and creative, he said (per Wrestling Inc), “I think that when you’re a WWE superstar, obviously the greatest part of what we get to do, putting smiles on people’s faces. We’re doing all this stuff, but there’s this, it’s hard to even put it into words. There’s a picture of me out front from WrestleMania this year. I noticed when I walked in today. And, what I noticed about the picture, with HD television and camera work now, I noticed that it’s a shot of Steph and I from WrestleMania, and my legs are covered with goosebumps. I immediately took a snapshot of it and sent it to The Rock to say, ‘dude, look at my legs.’ We used to talk about this all the time, the passion for what we do when you have that moment in front of 80,000 people where your whole body, it’s electric. There’s no other way to describe it, but it just goes into automatic and you’re covered with goosebumps and it’s just this insane adrenaline thing.”

He added, “Rock sent me a note back like two seconds later and was like, ‘oh my God. If it wouldn’t be totally weird, I would blow this up right now and put this on my trailer wall as an inspiration.’ I said, I know, that’s why I trimmed it a certain way just to show my leg, ‘cuz it was cold at WrestleMania (smiles), but [Rock] said that nobody can understand that like we can, it’s something of the WWE. So at that point in my life, nothing greater than that. I can honestly say that step into where I am now, that pales in comparison to seeing a person with a dream.”