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CM Punk Loses at UFC 225

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 06/10/18

CM Punk (0-1) made his return to the UFC at tonight’s UFC 225 event. Punk made his debut at UFC 203, losing to Mickey Gall (now 4-1 as a pro) via RD1 (2:14) rear naked choke; Punk got in no offense in the fight. Tonight he faces off with Mike Jackson (0-1), the man Gall defeated to earn his PPV fight with Punk at UFC 203. Punk spent fight week in court, battling a defamation lawsuit from WWE Doctor Chris Amann, which he won.


After 21 months off, @CMPunk makes the walk. #UFC225
— UFC (@ufc) June 10, 2018

ROUND ONE: Punk looked more comfortable on his feet to start his second fight, mixing in some leg kicks and strikes. Jackson’s striking was cleaner and crisper, but wasn’t landing with a lot of volume. They clinched and worked along the cage, with Punk playing solid defense and landing knees. Punk was working hard for a takedown, but Jackson’s defense was too good. Punk’s striking was a bit wild and reaching, too loose, but he got a late takedown and worked from half guard. Jackson scrambled and made it to his feet as the round ended. Punk’s nose is bloodied and he looked exhausted at the end of round one. Score: 10-9 Jackson

ROUND TWO: Punk is aggressive to start round two, Jackson stuffs a takedown and Jackson starts to land. Punk now pulls him into a guillotine, but Jackson pops out and has top position, working from the guard. Punk plays solid defense, as Jackson doesn’t have a great ground game, he’s more if a striker. Jackson starts landing more strikes, bloodying Punk up more as he has dominant top position. Punk pulls him in close to avoid the strikes, closing the guard, but Jackson maintains top control with ease, simply posturing up. The round ends with Jackson in control. Scorecard: 10-8 Jackson, 20-17 overall for Jackson.

ROUND THREE: Jackson looks calm, while Punk is busted up and tired. They clinch and work to the cage, Jackson controls and they separate. Jackson quickly takes him back to the cage, rocks Punk and takes him down. Jackson backs off and Punk gets to his feet. Punk throws wildly, missing, and throws knees, taking Jackson to the cage. Jackson starts landing again; Punk has nothing to offer, despite the fact that he keeps throwing. He tries to roll into a knee bar, but Jackson counters out and tries to take his back. Punk rolls, avoiding that, but Jackson keeps top position with ease. Jackson works from north south position, keeping Punk grounded as the round ends. Scorecard: 10-9 Jackson, 30-26 overall for Jackson.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Jackson via unanimous decision (30-26 across the cards)

CM Punk is being transported to a local hospital for a facial CT scan, per UFC.
— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) June 10, 2018