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Daniel Bryan Says He Could Beat Mike Jackson

Posted By James Walsh on 06/12/18

Daniel Bryan said in an Instagram video that he could beat Mike Jackson on the ground if he were allowed to fight in the UFC. Pro Wrestling Sheet posted the video of an Instagram live sessioon with Brie Bella, during which Bryan appeared. Bryan asked, “Did they just ask me if I could beat Mike Jackson in a fight?…I could beat him on the ground, for sure…I think.”

After Nikki spoke from off-screen asking him to “prove it,” Bryan said, “If WWE were to let me fight in the UFC, then maybe.”

Jackson has since responded to the comments, telling FanSided, saying, “For me, it’s the Punk fight and now I got Daniel Bryan calling me out. I was like ‘What?’ People are on different paths and it’s a crazy life I’m living right now. Someone sent me a picture and I remember seeing the image. I just kept scrolling, didn’t look at the headline. My mentions have been crazy right now. My Instagram mentions are like YouTube comments right now. A friend of mine, who is a journalist reached out and said, ‘Yo, did you hear Daniel Bryan called you out?’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He sends it to me and I remember seeing that headline. I was like, ‘Yo, this is getting out of control now.’”

He added, “He says, ‘Man, I can beat him on the ground in a UFC fight.’ Look Daniel Bryan; I will do you worse than I did your man Punk because I will have no reservations in punching this guy in the face 100-percent. And at will.”