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Joey Ryan Discusses the Evolution of the "Penix Plex"

Posted By James Walsh on 07/04/18

Famous Dick Wrestler Joey Ryan recently appeared on X-Pac 12360 and spoke about the evolution of his penis-plex as well as Candice LeRae’s NXT run…

JOEY RYAN TALKS ABOUT HOW THE PENIS PLEX HAS EVOLVED: It’s kinda fun… Obviously when it went viral, I was like ‘Oh I’ll get a couple months out of this’ and then it caught on. I always use this example, even though I hate comparing myself to other people but its been kinda the worm for Scotty 2 Hotty, if people go watch Scotty and he doesn’t do the worm they feel ripped off so I have to do it. But I’m wrestling so much now, I have to come up with either different ways or a variety of ways. Something that’s actually happened that is kinda a blessing for me is that a lot of times I find when I am booked against somebody and they find out their wrestling me, they come up with all these ideas; all the penis spots, all these ways to get into the flip, they come in there pitching ideas at me. So I have my set of go-to’s in case I need them but when I go and someone else has tons of ideas I’m always open to their ideas because sometimes they think of ways to do it that I didn’t even think of.

ON CANDICE LARAE’S ROLE ON NXT: Personally, I don’t think that’s the best avenue for her just because I know what she’s capable of, I don’t know the end game of their storyline maybe they’re just gonna start Candice off more timid and then build her up to be more of herself. I’m not in the writing room but maybe this is just the way to get her on camera and get her name known or her face known on TV. And then they could built around that when she’s already established. And maybe that makes her story better if the mainstream audience that doesn’t know her independent work see her as someone who builds up courage, builds up strength, maybe that works better long term for her. She’s a team player, she knows she’s helping Johnny {Gargano} and Tommaso Ciampa’s storyline so she’s not gonna raise a stink. She knows her role right now is to be a supportive character to them in their story. Personally knowing what she can do they’re underutilizing her but I don’t know the end game.