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Cody Rhodes Gives His Thoughts On Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada Series

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/05/18

Cody Rhodes recently participated in a media conference call to promote Friday’s NJPW G1 Special (transcript via wrestlinginc.com), and spoke about the Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada series…

On NJPW Successfully Running More US Shows: “I have no doubt they could be successful running more shows in America.” Cody continued, “I mean, look at the roster. I could be a smart ass and say, ‘hey, as long as they put me on the show, they’ll be okay,’ but [NJPW] don’t have to put me on the show. The roster is just flush and it has two of the top five [pro] wrestlers in the world and that being [Kazuchika] Okada and Kenny Omega. And then, if you’re including me, that’s three, and Will Ospreay is just right there chomping at the bit. It’s an outstanding roster.”

On Saturday’s Match With Kenny Omega: “I’d say it’s probably the most important thing for me internally and that’s when I’m talking about inside, that feeling in your stomach, that fire in your belly. As a competitor, I’m aware of my presence in terms of what I can do on the microphone, my presentation, the smoke and mirrors, no pun intended, that comes with me. But I love professional wrestling. I love it. Matt and Nick Jackson have an expression, and I can’t be on a show if I’m not out there in the ring, what we call, bumping and learning. And at 32 headed towards my 33rd birthday this month, there are things that I’ve got to improve at. There are things I have to get better at. And the best place for me to do that is a place like New Japan Pro Wrestling. We talked about the roster being so flush, but there’s nobody better than Kenny Omega, and again, a guy like Okada. The roster’s so good, but to me, I’m incredibly gifted in the ring, but you have to show it. It has to be there and these are the opportunities to do so. I think people really, really, really enjoyed my first outing with Kenny Omega at Supercard Of Honor [12] and I think we want to build upon that. I want to build upon that.” Cody added, “anyone who [has] got me pegged as, ‘oh, he reached his ceiling as a wrestler,’ they’re out of their mind because I’m not even close.”

On The Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada Series: “I guess time will probably tell as far as how I feel as a fan about it and I’m talking about the whole series. I don’t think people in the late 80s/early 90s or whatever were looking at that Steamboat/Flair Chi-Town [Rumble], [WrestleWar 1989] Music City [Showdown] run they had, I don’t think they were looking at it the way we look at it today. And when we look at it today, we see how important it was. “The thing I enjoy the most about [the Omega/Okada] matches is obviously they have deep connection between the two of them, a chemistry that exists between the two of them, but the thing like is that the matches are all very different. That’s special when you can do that and I think from my standpoint, I think those matches are the best at what those guys are able to do. But every wrestler’s able to do something different.” Cody said, “that’s how wrestling is. Everybody provides a different element and they’ve absolutely showcased the best at what they can do, especially in the bell-to-bell sense. I don’t look at it like, ‘oh, I have to have a match with [Omega] like that.’ No, it’s a different set of circumstances every time you’re out there. And I think as we go five, 10 years from now, we’ll see how special that series of matches are and how important those matches are.”