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Cody Says His NJPW G1 Special Match With Kenny Omega 'Is The Show'

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/07/18

In an interview with Sporting News, Cody hyped up his match with Kenny Omega at tonightís NJPW G1 Special, saying it wonít steal the show because it is the show. Here are highlights:

On why wrestling doesnít have better stories: ďYou have to have all the proper components for it, and it is difficult. If youíre WWE, itís going to be difficult because of the amount of saturation. Youíve got a Monday live TV, live TV on Tuesday, you have a pay-per-view every month and you have a [NXT] Takeover every quarter it seems like. It is difficult to continue to put the same faces out there and for those faces to continue to capture your imagination. However, I donít think wrestling was meant to be as saturated as it is. Just like any sort of prizefighting entertainment, you have to build to these events. Less does mean more. Every time thereís an NXT show, people are like, ĎOh, thatís the greatest thing Iíve ever seen. Itís the greatest show on Earth.í One of things that they have going for them is the fact they make you wait. They build to it properly. Thatís a good way to go at this.Ē

On if his match with Omega will steal the show: ďSteal the show? I donít think anything else has a chance. I think it is ĎThe Show.í Iím happy that peopleís eyes are on Juice Robinson, Jay White and The Bucks with the heavyweight title rematch. But I donít think anyone in there is coming to see but what Kenny and I are going to do. This is the second outing. I think people will be genuinely surprised at this type of match Ö and how grueling and physical we make it. Whether it steals the show or not, it still is ĎThe Show.'Ē

On leaving WWE: ďIf I look like a different person, itís because I am a different person. I really got struck by lightning when it came to my decision to leave WWE. If I literally think about that day and who I was then, itís drastic. It almost happened overnight for me. You go real long in this business and then you have these light-bulb moments. I just had this fleeting moment of fearlessness and a moment of trust in myself that Iím not going to listen to anyone. Iím going to do it how I want to do it. And how I want to do is what people are going to want to see and promoters want to pay for. That fearlessness of not being scared about a damn thing has created quite an ego, which is rather prominent with Kenny and I and how we go about things and Kenny on a much humbler note. I am a completely different person. I donít know if Iím there just yet, but Iím growing into the wrestler that I dreamed of as a little kid. Thatís the boyhood dream.Ē