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Jeff Jarrett On If His AAA Title Win Means He'll Wrestle More

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/08/18

In a recent interview, Jeff Jarrett spoke about his surprise AAA title win and if it means he will be wrestling more in the future. Here are highlights:

On his AAA title win: ďYou know AAA, and the Mexican audience, we have had, alongside with Karen with me, we have had a unique relationship over the years. Weíll call it a love-hate relationship, I love the lucha libre style and the audience and they love to hate me. So with Konnan and his legendary career there, heís a brilliant creative mind. All the pieces of the puzzle have gone together; the newest baddest faction thatís going down, Mad. Itís just been put together and taking off so, you know, the timing was just right. When the opportunity came down, me and Rey Mysterio had many, many matches back in the day in WCW and Doctor Wagner is a legendary figure so when the opportunity presented itself to be in a threeway against those guys, itís hard, itís really hard, to turn down that opportunity.Ē

On if he plan to wrestle more: ďIíve got to pick my spots, I guess thatís the obvious answer, but this is somewhat new ground for me. Itís been many, many years since Iíve had the opportunity to work so independently with so many promotions. Iím going to be working with [Pro Wrestling] Chaos in Bristol and with a promotion that Iíve wanted to work with for quite some time ICW up in Glasgow, and doing the Comic-Con. So Iím very independent and I havenít had that ability [until now]. So the opportunity presented itself with AAA and I certainly seized it so if any other opportunities come along Iíll certainly take a long, hard look at it. Physically I feel fantastic, better than I have in years, and Iím working out, quite frankly, very, very hard every day, so Iím excited, I really am excited about 2018.Ē

On if he will return to WWE: ďIíve got to be candid with you. If there were, do you think Iíd be telling you?Ē

On his thoughts on Elias: ďThe skyís the limit for that gentleman, ton of respect for him, he has just a tremendous amount of upside, and he appeared to be, from the conversations that I had, that he wants it and as far as his career goes, truly the ball is in his hands, the ballís in his court. Iím looking forward to seeing him continue to succeed over the years and Iím glad to see him wielding a guitar, it makes my heart proud, maybe one day heíll take a guitar shot, heíll be added to the list.Ē