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James Storm Says He's Ready For a Full Time WWE Schedule

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 07/10/18

In a recent interview James Storm said that heís ready for a full time WWE scheduleÖ

On He & Bobby Roode Taking Different Paths: ďBefore I went back, me and Bobby [Roode] talked about it that he might be leaving before I even went back,Ē Storm said. ďEvery man has to create his own path plain and simple. To me I had to go get my life straight I had to go do all this stuff. You know when I was with Impact Wrestling during that last run it was more, I donít wanna say going through the motions because Iím not that guy. When I go out there I like to bust my ass and earn my money. But it just seemed creative didnít know what to do with me which is to me, stupid. Because I was the biggest babyface they had. All you gotta do is give me a microphone, show me the ring, hit my music, and Iíll go out and entertain the people. Itís not that hard, itís not rocket science. So I donít wanna say I was going through the motions but to me, it kinda felt like I was.Ē

On Being Ready For a Full Time WWE Schedule: ďItís one of those things. I kinda threw it out there and only time will tell, weíll see what happens. Right now Iím getting in the best shape I can get in. Like you said, Iím getting my sĖt together. It was more my personal and my family life that I had to get together and all thatís taken care of. Iím one of those guys that I like to be considered a road warrior. Like I donít care about how many days Iím on the road. My wife loves for me to be on the road, sheís like: Ďget out of the house.í I just love to wrestle. That is why I got into wrestling is to wrestle. You always hear people complaining about being on the road too much and the travel and the hotels ó pussies, fĖk that. Thatís what Iím about. Put me on the road because thatís what I signed up for to entertain these people. Run around in the world in my underwear and entertain the people.Ē

On Working With & Against Bobby Roode: ďItís one of those things that even if Bobby and I wanted to get back together I think we like beating each other up more than we do teaming with each other which is a weird thing. Because that feud we had with each other, I think thatís one thing WWE is missing too is these physical feuds with guys who are not afraid to beat people up. Like me and Bobby werenít afraid to beat each other up because to us thatís what we kinda grew up on was these guy like Stan Hansen and [Bruiser] Brody who would go out there and test each otherís manhood with each other. They would beat the other guy up and if you canít take it then you need to hit the road plain and simple. Me and Bobby, you go back and look at some of our matches there are times we have black eyes our lips would be busted it would be one of those things were we say, Ďhey thanks but see you tomorrow so we can beat the crap out of each other again.Ē