Impact Wrestling SLAMMIVERSARY PPV Review & Results

Posted By James Walsh on 07/22/18

We are live from the Rebel Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The venue looks moderate in size but it sounds loud. The ring has yellow ropes. I can dig it!

Johnny Impact defeats Fenix, Petey Williams, and "Bone Soldier" Ishimori in a high flying 4 way.
REVIEW: This match was a great opener and it showed the crowd would be loud and into the action. Some great spots here and that includes Petey who was a last minute replacement for the injured Rich Swann. Would have loved to have seen what Swann could have brought to the match. But, some great spots especially the Fenix double stomp to the head that looked like it ripped Petey Williams' face off. Unreal.

Tessa Blanchard defeats Allie with the DDT.
REVIEW: Solid match between two talents seemingly on different paths. Tessa is on her way up while Allie, the former champion, seems to have lost her way.

Eddie Edwards defeats Tommy Dreamer in a "House of Hardcore" match by using a classic Eddie Edwards finishing move, the "Boston Knee Party."
REVIEW: If you really study the match, amidst all the brutality and "violent crap" as a former XPW announcer might phrase it, a wonderful story was told. The transformation, at least part way, from the lunatic fringe version of Edwards to maybe a hybrid of his old self and a little ofthat lunatic was really well told. Not having he and Alisha embrace might have saved some of that crazy aspect of his character. And, the passing of the stick by Dreamer was a wonderful touch.

Brian Cage defeats Matt Sydal to win the X Division Title.
REVIEW: Great match where both me showed how athletic they are. The finish was scary with Sydal botching a Shooting Star Press, a move he's hit thousands of times before. I hope he's OK. Cage is going to be a X Division Champion to be reckoned with.

Su Young retains over Madison Rayne with the bloody glove.
REVIEW: The match itself was solid but the OJ Simpson glove was a little out of place and wasn't maybe as wel told leading in to be the finish. My main disappointment with the match was that there was no Rosemary swerve even with Young winning. The fans were chanting for Rosemary. Hope she is able to return soon!

LAX defeat the OGs.
REVIEW: Enjoyed this match for what it was. Very violent, very uncomfortable to watch at times especially with the tacks in the finish. Hernandez is a special talent that some are just discovering even though he's over 40.

Pentagon defeated Sami Callihan and Callihan had his head shaved!
REVIEW: These are two pieces of special talent right here and if you include oVe and Fenix in the mix, you could argue there are 5 pieces of special talent involved in this encounter. Bloody, uncomfortable at times. Shocking. But, glorious! I only would have changed one thing. I would have had Eddie Edwards be the one to play "Catcher" for Sami Callihan as he tried to escape. It would have been a solid send off to that feud and played to Eddie's more "sane" side returning.

Austin Aries defeats Moose to retain the World Title.
REVIEW: What a great match! Aries is much better than he gets credit for in terms of the little things. Moose is a special kind of athlete as well. Fantastic match. The only part of the story that wasn't completed was Aries "making sure" Moose's mama would not be ringside. How so? Other than that, in the ring, the story was wonderfully told and even though the heel won in the end, it did not fall flat.

FINAL THOUGHTS: WWE recently held an event called Extreme Rules and nothing was extreme. Everything, for the most part, was extreme about this show. Impact set itself apart from all other promotions tonight in an absolutely wonderful and, here's another use of the word, special way. It just was worth every penny of the price tag!