Alexa Bliss Glad Hulk Hogan is Back in the WWE Hall of Fame

Posted By James Walsh on 08/02/18

Alexa Bliss appeared on the ZRE podcast and discussed Hulk Hoganís reinstatment into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sportskeeda notes that Bliss is happy to see Hogan reinstated and feels that itís good for the business.

"I think itís great, you know,Ē she said. ďHe has built such an empire for himself in WWE, and is such an icon in WWE. And I feel like itís great heís back in the WWE family, because thatís who we areówe are a familyÖAnd, you know, everyone loves everyone. Weíre just a big, dysfunctional family. So when someone leaves, itís obviously upsetting. But, time heals all, and people are very happy when people come back."

She added, "I think with such an icon ó- I think itís a good thing."