Lawler Family Issues Statement on Brian's Suicide

Posted By James Walsh on 08/03/18

The Lawler family has issued a statement through their attorney saying they’re shocked that Brian Lawler committed suicide in jail. WBTV reports that according to lawyer Ted Hansom, the family is seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding Lawler’s death in his Hardeman Country jail cell last week. Lawler was found hanging in the cell and later died at the hospital after being taken off life support.

“It’s very difficult obviously for Jerry to lose a child,” said Hansom, who represents the family. “I think every parent can understand…Certainly, the family is interested in understanding all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the loss of Brian.”

Hanson noted that Jerry Lawler has been asked by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation not to comment on his son’s death while their investigation into the incident is ongoing. Hansom told the outlet, “What’s been put out is this is a suicide, an attempted suicide, so yes, I would tell you the family is certainly shocked and surprised at that.”

According to the Hardeman County sheriff, Brian Lawler was found alone in his cell and there was no indication he was suicidal. State law requires that anyone in jail be checked more than once an hour if they are deemed suicidal.

Hansom said that the family wants to know what happened before and after Lawler was fdound, noting, “Obviously in this day and time places in particularly jails have video cameras in just about every corner, so it would be interesting to see the actual events.” He said that the medical examiner’s report and the TBI investigation should provide answers as to what happened, though there is currently no timeline for when they will be released. Lawler was laid to rest earlier today at Memphis Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens.