"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Not a Fan of the So-Called "Civil Protests" by NFL Players

Posted By James Walsh on 08/03/18

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan spoke with Colt Cabana for a new interview. In it, Duggan went after the NFL stars who take a knee. In all, only about 8% of players took a knee in "civil protest" of things that not everyone can decide upon. But, the impact of the action angered enough fans to send the NFL to the lowest ratings in years. People don't like their flag disrespected by the super rich? Who knew?

"That was long before all this political stuff. It was OK to chant USA in another part of the world. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to chant USA no matter where Hacksaw Jim Duggan is.”

Duggan continued,

"Tell those NFL players to get off their knees. Only NFL game I watched last year was the Super Bowl. I go down to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio where those Wounded Warriors come in and last time I was down there they told us before we went in, ‘Hacksaw some of these kids are gonna be pretty messed up.’ First young guy walks in with his face burned off, ‘Hacksaw, I’m a big fan.’ Another guy comes in, pulls his leg off, ‘Hacksaw will you sign my leg for me?’ Tell those kids why you’re kneeling down. Protest all you want; but, a little respect I think."