Melina Perez Reacts to her Naked Photos Leaking Online

Posted By James Walsh on 08/04/18

In a question and answer session on Periscope (via Wrestling Inc), Melina Perez spoke about how she felt after her nude photos were leaked online last year and her desire to keep it from happening to anyone else. Here are highlights:

On how violated she felt: ďThat was kind of a horrific experience in my life,Ē Melina said. ďBecause that was something very intimate that I was sharing with the love of my life. For somebody to steal that kind of stuff and put it out there. That was really horrible. Thatís kind of the way it was comparable to my rape in a sense because it was violating. So the person who stole those pictures that I sent to someone I cared about and love, it was an intimate thing between two people who love each other. It was a horrible thing for someone to do. It was something that I needed to learn like I had to cope with, I just donít want it to happen to anybody else. Iím thankful that I was able to overcome that like my mind was able to process that to be able to be okay with it. Thatís a horrible thing too especially as a woman. When you get taught that your body and you as a sexual being needs to be clean and untainted. People always want women to be a virgin like untouched like theyíve never slept with anybody but the fact is that we are human. I wish I could only be with one person but then you break up, or they leave you, or life happens and you go separate ways. Women are humans, so when it comes to pictures like that, weíre seen as things and they took it and just threw it all over the place and itís a horrific thing to do that to a human being like me who was brought up being taught with what I grew up with. Your body shouldnít be looked at by anybody but your love.Ē

On not wanting to be seen: ďMy mind couldnít process that and it took a long time for me to understand that, Ďitís something that happened, it has nothing to do with me, I didnít do anything wrong, this person did something wrong by violating me and going through my stuff and stealing my personal pictures.í I had to cope with other people seeing my naked body. I refused Playboy because I wanted to keep from being seen and to only be there for the person that I love. It was a huge hurtful experience. So thank you for feeling sorry that those things happened to me, thank you for that. But it is what it is, sadly. Itís wrong. People should never do that and because Iíve been able to accept that as something that happened. I would like to see that happen to the person who posted all those things and did all that stuff. I mean they wouldnít like it. Thank goodness I looked good. But at the same time, it is hurtful, it is horrible.Ē

On regrets of her career: ďI wish I got to experience wrestling at a time when I could have done more,Ē Melina said. ďBut since everything happens for a reason, I did my part. I put my part out there and thatís great and Iím thankful for that. Of course, as a wrestler, we want to do all the things we dreamed of and to not be able to do that itís kind of like, it hurt. But at the same time, it is what it is. As wrestlers, the fact that we even get into that ring, thatís the most incredible thing ever. You need to take pride in that, Iím grateful for the experience, for even being a part of the WWE. It was a thing that I didnít think I would ever be able to do so Iím blessed to have gotten that opportunity especially before that time I was so shy. I wouldnít have hired me. Like, Iím being real. I would not have hired me because I was very quiet. I was very shy and very timid. But because they gave me an opportunity, working there, it opened me up. It took a quiet, shy person and taught her how to be vocal and larger than life. To be everything, it taught me so many lessons, it was a great thing.Ē