CBS Interviews Johnny Impact & Calls Him John Morrison - Asks about WWE Return

Posted By James Walsh on 08/04/18

CBS DC recently interviewed former WWE Superstar John Morrison, who discussed how Impact Wrestling recently turned things around. Below are some highlights.

Morrison on Impact Wrestling turning things around: “The secret of having a successful promotion is having an awesome promotion with wrestling matches that people like. That’s what happened at Slammiversary. The crowd was awesome, and they loved the show. Every match was great. Whether the morale in the locker room changed before that or after that is hard to say. It snowballs, and people are feeling good in the locker room, and then Slammiversary happens. People are then feeling good about the pay-per-view and it continues.”

On possibly returning to WWE: “WWE is a great company. There is nothing specific on the horizon between me and them right now. I plan on staying with Lucha Underground for a while. As far as do I see anything on the horizon? Who knows. When I left WWE in 2012, I was planning on taking a year off, and now that’s turned into quite a while. But I couldn’t be happier outside of WWE right now, because of places like MLW, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and independent promotions all over the place. There are a lot of really cool places to work outside of WWE, and I’m having a really great time doing that right now.”

Morrison on the current status of Lucha Underground and if there will be a Season 5: “There’s nothing definitive. The roster of Lucha Underground would definitely be excited about a fifth season. Same thing with the producers and everybody. I know that the network is happy with the show and the ratings its created and the talent. I think it’s just a matter of time.”