The Miz Responds to Daniel Bryan Challenge

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 08/04/18

The Miz has responded with a video on Twitter with a response to Daniel Bryanís challenge for a match at Summerslam. The Miz wrote in the tweet, ďThe answer is no.Ē You can check out the full video response below.

The Miz stated: ďI heard his challenge, Iíve seen your questions, and my answer is no, no, no. Iím in the prime of my career, I have a gorgeous wife, a beautiful daughter, a hit docu-series, Miz & Mrs., on the USA Network. And not only that, SmackDown Live, Iím the most must-see Superstar on that program. Iím carrying Tuesday nights and you think that just because Daniel Bryan challenges me to a match at SummerSlam Ė a huge event like SummerSlam Ė and Iím going to accept that challenge? No, I deserve more, Iím an elite level of talent, any show that Iím on I make it ĎA-Listí whether itís Raw, SmackDown, [or] any PPV. I make it must-see. And I deserve better than a match with Daniel Bryan, so the answer is no.Ē