The Miz Says Daniel Bryan's Return has been a "Complete Bust"

Posted By James Walsh on 08/05/18

WWE has released the video footage for an E! News interview with The Miz and Maryse, where The Miz shares his feelings on Daniel Bryan. Below are some footage and highlights of the interview (transcript via

The Miz on Daniel Bryan on being an underdog: “Daniel Bryan is very good at being endearing. You want to root for this guy every single time. … Yes, he’s that underdog and he’s very passionate about his work in WWE. Those are the good things I can say about Daniel. Daniel was one of the best in-ring performers four years ago. He was incredible. He was kind of on a roll like the one I am now. I am on an elite level of talent. For Daniel to come back to WWE and, I dunno, I guess kind of call me out. I guess it’s one of those situations where I was on Monday Night RAW and no one realizes this but in the Superstar Shake-Up every time you go from RAW to SmackDown or SmackDown to RAW it shakes up your career and it shakes up your life. For Daniel to sit there and say, “I would like Miz to come to SmackDown Live.” He asked Paige, our General Manager, and then he ignored me for three months. I think it’s a slap in the face to be completely honest with you. There’s the reality star Daniel Bryan the person and then there is the WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. I honestly believe that I am the good guy here and nobody seems to believe that.”

The Miz on his time with Bryan in NXT: “We had a show called called NXT and Daniel Bryan was my rookie and I was his pro. The object was for the pros to teach the rookies what it’s like to be a WWE Superstar. As soon as that hit the internet the internet just went absurd. “How dare WWE put Daniel Bryan as Miz’s rookie?! Daniel Bryan should be the pro!” So, if Daniel Bryan never stepped foot in a WWE ring, sure, he was a big fish in a small pond but this is WWE. This is where the sharks swim and I have been there for four or five plus years and this guy is going to come in and be somebody? Did I give him a hard time? Of course I did but who gave him his first championship match? Who gave him his first championship? Did I ask for a thank you? No. So then we cut to a few years later on Talking Smack where I asked Daniel a question and he just said, and you have to remember that Daniel Bryan is the one who started everything. He said I had a soft style of wrestling and he called me a coward. By the way, a coward is not someone who goes right to your face and tells you exactly how it is. A coward is someone who walks away. Daniel Bryan talks about fighting for his dreams? Was he fighting for his dreams that day when he walked out? No. He walked out on me and everybody. I thought he was going to hit me, I was hoping he was going to hit me but no he walked out like the coward he is. So, you know, I sit here and I get a little furious. I get a little agitated.”

The Miz on Bryan’s return being a bust: “Do you think Daniel Bryan’s return from injury has been amazing or has been a bust? A complete 100% bust. Everything that I say is the truth and nobody else seems to understand that and I don’t get it. … Let’s just cheer for him. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! It was cool four years ago. Evolve because I have.”