Jeff Hardy Provides Health Update Upon WWE Return

Posted By James Walsh on 08/08/18

Jeff Hardy recently spoke with Click Orlando (via, and commented on his return to WWE following rotator cuff surgery…

On His Health Following His Return To WWE From Injury In April: “It was scary at first, very intimidating,” Hardy said. “Like, every night ‘okay, this is the night.’ All those little clicks and cracks in there, I’m gonna hurt it again. So far so good man, I’ve had more lower back issues and elbow issues than from the rotator cuff surgery.”

On the Hardys Return to WWE: “I think it’s pretty exciting coming back with Matt, coming home,” Jeff said. “We actually had this conversation before we returned because I was doing these WrestleMania spots in the other company we were in, ‘okay I’m tired of doing this in front of 1,000 people, I should be doing this in front of 75,000 people.’ It all worked out because we came back because we wanted to finish where we started which is in the WWE. So it’s exciting to still be 40-years-old and still painting my face and having good matches and feeling very healthy. I’m just very blessed and lucky to be here.”