Rey Mysterio Says Nothing is Secure Yet Concerning his WWE Return

Posted By James Walsh on 08/08/18

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Rey Mysterio spoke about his current negotiations with WWE, which began after his appearance at the Royal Rumble in January. Here are highlights:

On how WWE negotiations are doing: We started off with the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year in January. There was another offer on the table to do the Greatest Royal Rumble, and in between those two events, weve been going back and forth in conversations, trying to work out the right deal. Its still up in the air. Nothing [is] secure, yet.

On a fan telling him he saved their life: Its very humbling. Thats when I realize Ive been put on this planet to serve a purpose. My purpose is to be able to perform in the ring the amount of years that I have been. Im blessed with the fact that I can still do it, and I have been doing it for the past 28 years. And that I can change peoples lives, like that one grown man, breaking down, crying in front of his son. There was no shame in what he was saying, and to me it doesnt get any better than that. To see a grown man say, You helped me get out of the hood. You helped me be the man that I am now. What can I say. Blessed.

On the WWE 2K19 commercial: It was very nostalgic. It was humbling. To see the amount of work that was put in by WWE to get this product out. To do things like they always do, top notch. My respect goes out to those who paid respect for Rey Mysterio. Whether its The Miz saying Hes a pest, thats a form of flattery from his end, a form of paying respect to what Ive done for almost three decades. I was very happy with the end result. I was amazed as a matter of fact. To see the end result, because I had a draft of how everything was going to be laid out, but when I saw it on footage, after all was said and done, and the product was fine, I was like, Wow. This came out awesome. I was really, really happy.