Beth Phoenix and Renee Young Added to Mae Young Announce Team

Posted By James Walsh on 08/08/18

According to ESPN, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, and Renee Young will join Michael Cole and serve as the commentary team for the 2018 Mae Young Classic. The Mae Young Classic will kick off on the WWE Network on a weekly basis starting with a Bracketology (Mauro Ranallo will be hosting the Bracketology show) special on August 29th, with the matches being broadcast on a weekly basis every Wednesday night following NXT beginning on September 5th The finals will take place at the October 28th Evolution PPV. Here are comments from Cole & Phoenix…

Cole: “A few years ago I was put in charge of all of the announcers in the company,” Cole told ESPN. “My goal when I took over was to have, for the first time, a full-time female commentator on one of our main shows. That is still my goal today and it led to, for the first time, having two women in the announcing booth for the Mae Young Classic. It blows me away that this is happening because as little as two years ago I would not have seen this happening. A couple of days ago we were meeting with Kaitlyn and we were joking about how just eight years ago, in NXT [Season] 3, I was a complete bad guy whose job it was to make fun of these women and make the entire show a joke. It was humiliating and embarrassing at the time because I had to go to all of these women who were fighting for their careers and had to say, ‘Hey, sorry I made fun of you today but that’s who my character is.’ “To see how far we’ve come since then, with Beth and Renee in the booth, Kayla Braxton doing the ring announcing and Cathy Kelley and Shadia Bseiso doing interviews at the Mae Young Classic, it shows how much has changed over the last eight years.”

Phoenix: “Things that used to be a glass ceiling aren’t anymore.” Phoenix said, noting this was one of her most cherished opportunities to date. “Now not only is it a possibility that women are going to main event WrestleMania, I know that they are going to do it. I feel that it is going to be this year, but if not this year then it’s going to be the year after that. To have each of the milestones of the women’s revolution keep building and building and culminating in the first all-women’s pay per view, I think that’s just going to blow everybody away.”