Samoa Joe Open to Becoming a "Paul Heyman Guy"

Posted By James Walsh on 08/10/18

In an interview with Planeta Wrestling, Samoa Joe said that he was open to becoming a Paul Heyman guy, now that Heyman no longer seems to be Brock Lesnar’s advocate. Here are highlights

On the current situation with Lesnar on RAW: "What I believe is that Brock Lesnar won the championship and did not know that he would also have to face the character of Kurt Angle and now it is Paul Heyman who has to deal with that situation. It’s Raw’s fault. What happened to him [Monday] night happened to him because there are no big competitors in the brand that can overshadow him. If I had been on Raw I would have given him his own medicine."

On Paul Heyman: "Paul already had his opportunity to cross that line and he missed his opportunity. Paul and I are businessmen and if circumstances change again and we reach a mutual understanding… we’ll see what happens in the future."