Charlotte Flair Weighs In on Possible Tag Team Titles for Women in WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 08/10/18

Charlotte Flair spoke with Press of Atlantic City discussing the possibility of a women's tag team division, her match at Summerslam and more. Highlights are below:

On her triple threat title match at SummerSlam against Carmella and Becky Lynch: "Yeah! The match Tuesday [with Becky Lynch] against the IIconics, I really felt in my groove. I think I wasnít expecting to be in the title picture for SummerSlam. I think having the opportunity, and then also facing Carmella and getting her back because she beat me twice, and then obviously facing my best friend friend, [Lynch]. Whether she wins or I win, I always like being in the ring with her. She always makes me raise my game. So yeah, Iím just so focused on SummerSlam. Itís a short time before the event so I just want to make sure Iím back in shape. I missed SummerSlam last year so itís just crazy to think that itís been a year since then. My dad got sick last year and then just making it back in time. Iím excited, especially with SummerSlam. Itís a mini WrestleMania. To be on the card is an honor. Had I not won the match [against Carmella] I would have been so disappointed."

On getting positive reactions backstage after her match against Asuka at WrestleMania: "And never do I think the men donít support us. Thatís not what Iím saying. Itís one of those things that I remember after my match with Asuka [at WrestleMania 34], a couple of the boys came up to me and were like, Ďjust helluva match.í There is nothing more satisfying than hearing that from a man. Iím not taking away from a girl saying it either, but itís just like, Ďheck yea, Iím doing it,í you know? For them to appreciate your athleticism, your work, your effort, your story-telling because they really areÖ Thereís nothing better."

On when she found out about Evolution: "I heard rumors. You never know whatís going to happen. I hear things all the time that never come to light. I just gotta go, the best advice is to focus on your tunnel vision. Just keep moving forward. Donít expect things. Just keep working. I knew if we kept working as hard as we did something like this would happen. And also too, I think it takes for the first time we have the depth to have an all-womenís pay per view. Thatís what matters most is that we have that many women that are that talented."

On a possible womenís tag team division: ď" want to tag with Becky! Weíre Tea-Generation X! I think that would be awesome. And thatís another thing. Everyone talks about the tag titles. I just wasnít sure, you know, that we had to have the right amount of women. And depending if that happens one day that would be so much fun."