DJZ Seminar Announced

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/12/18

The following was sent out today…

ATTN: Wrestlers Or Those In Training – Special DJ Z Seminar To Take Place Sunday, September 23 in Cleveland, OH! Study under internationally traveled star DJ Z, who has appeared in Impact Wrestling, EVOLVE, and extensive tours of numerous promotions in Mexico, Japan, and many other countries! Learn ring technique, including the fundamentals of lucha, and tips to build your promo and character skills, and an extensive Q&A! DJ Z has spent half of his entire life in a wrestling ring, and you can benefit from his tireless study of so many facets of our industry for only $30! Contact Joe Dombrowski at to reserve your spot today! This seminar takes place on Sunday, September 23 at 1pm at Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH, in conjunction with that evening’s Welterweight Wrestling 4 Live Event & PPV. Attendees are welcome to stay for the event.

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