Bob Holly on How Bad His Pain Pill Addiction Got & If Wrestling Was Worth The Toll On His Body

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/13/18

Bob Holly recently appeared on Steve Austinís podcast, and spoke about becoming addicted to painkillers, and whether his career was worth the physical toll it took on his body.

On his weight and being a wilderness survivalist: ďIím like 215 [lbs.] right now. Iím not [anywhere] near as big as I used to be. Obviously, I was on the gas too, but I stay right around 210 [to] 215. I still work out everyday, and I eat like a [horse]. I eat all the time.Ē Holly added, ďmy training has changed a lot. I mean, it has, but it hasnít. Like, back when we were riding together, and even with my other riding partners and stuff, I always trained, but I never went heavy. I never went heavy as far as my workouts and [things] like that. And now, I actually have to go a little bit lighter than before. Like, my elbows are really bad. Thatís the only thing that really bothers me out of everything. Yeah, I have the back issues, I have that, but my back doesnít bother me [nearly] as bad as my elbows do. Most of my problems are through mostly my left elbow. Anytime I do any kind of pushing movements or anything or if I press anything, itís really painful, so I just work through it. I work around it. I just push through it and I just deal with the pain as far as when I work out because I want to work out and I donít want to lose what I have as far as body-wise, Iím in pretty good shape. Everybody says Iím in good shape. I still work out like a crazy bastard and I still eat. My whole day is revolved around my eating.Ē

Onhowhe feels at age 55: ďIt was worth it to me. Like I said, my elbows wonít straighten out. Iíd say, theyíre probablyÖ I wouldnít quite say 45 degree angles. I donít know. I donít know what degree it would be. My elbows wonít straighten out, both of them. But as far as, like, my neck, my neck doesnít really bother me that bad because I had the same surgery as [Austin] had as far as my neck. My knees are good. Like, I never have any issues with me knees. My hip is fine. My hips are fine. My back, I had lower back surgery to clean out the bone spurs and I had a fewÖ what the hell was it? They cleaned out the area of likeÖ they opened up the area of the nerve to give it more room or whatever and all that. My shoulders are fine. My elbows are the worst thing on me actually, so I think I got away pretty good. My back gives me problems, donít get me wrong. Like, if Iím sitting too long, and I go to stand up, it takes a minute for me to stand up, especially if Iím sitting on a plane, and then I go to get up and itís like my back is killing me, but then after a few minutes of walking it off, Iím fine. But as far as anything else, I think it was actually worth it to me to do what I did. As far as the career-wise, I always think, I do think a lot of times, I wonder how my body would be if I didnít wrestle and I did something else. Would it be something else thatís worse than whatís going on now? You always question your choices as far as the things you do and I have questioned, Ďwhy did you get into wrestling?í I got into it because I loved it. Was it worth it to me? Yeah, it was. It gave me a good life. It provided me a good life. Iíve experienced the world. Iíve experienced a lot of things. Iíve pretty much seen it all like [Austin has]. But as far as my body-wise, I think Iím okay. I really do. Being 55, I still move around really well. Iím still pretty fast. Of course, not as fast as I used to be, but Iím pretty agile still. And I feel pretty good for 55 and I attribute that to staying in shape, working out, and things like that. And I stay active.Ē Holly laughed, ďmaybe my brain is scattered sometimes, but thatís about it.Ē

On his issues with addiction: ďWhen I broke my neck, I did end up getting into the pain pill thing and getting on those. And I was able to get off that stuff. And so, but that wasnít easy, so I had to have help. I wrote about that in my book. I had to have help to get off that stuff and I did. But that was the worst I did. I didnít get into the alcohol. I didnít get into the cocaine. I didnít get into anything heavy like that. I mean, I did steroids. Whoop-dee-doo. But that goes without saying. When I broke my neck, that was the worst, the heaviest I got into anything as far as that you shouldnít be doing, but, like I said, I got off that and everything. I never drank and I never did anything else.Ē Holly explained, ďI started taking too many [pills] and I was like, Ďthis is ridiculous Ė Iíve got to stop,í so I did.Ē