Backstage News From MLW Wargames: New Senior Agent, Who Worked Gorilla Position, More

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 09/13/18

According to, here are the latest backstage news and notes from the MLW Wargames event…

* ACH worked the event with some sort of stomach bug that ended up hitting a number of others who work for the company during the same time period.

* Bruce Prichard ran the gorilla position backstage at Wargames.

* Konnan is now the senior agent backstage and is going to be given expanded backstage responsibilities.

* Tommy Dreamer got over huge with the locker room and with the backstage staffers. He was considered a big boost to the overall morale of the backstage scene.

* El Hijo de L.A. Park will be returning.

* The company will be returning to Ft. Lauderdale in January and then the spring.

* MLW made an attempt made to book the former home of WCW in Atlanta, the Center Stage Theater, but we are told that the attempt was dropped at the request of another promotion using the venue. They are looking into other venues in the market.

* The company is also looking to shift as many of its TV tapings and dates to Saturday evenings. They had been taping on Thursday nights.