Chris Jericho Recalls Vince McMahon Helping Him Avoid An Arrest in Brazil

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/02/18

Chris Jericho recently spoke with Orlando’s 101.1 WJRR, and recalled almost being arrested in Brazil but that Vince McMahon made sure to get him out of the country quickly.

On His Schedule: “Just kind of pop-ins. I’m doing some stuff in Japan this year and that’s about it,” said Jericho. “There’s been so much touring with Fozzy that I haven’t had the time nor desire to do wrestling stuff. Nor could I, even if I wanted to because the Judas record was so successful we’ve be touring basically nonstop since May of last year. So I really don’t really have that much time to do more than just popping in-and-out, here and there. Like I said, Japan has kind of been the most regular and I’ve only been there, twice? I’ll end up having five matches, or six matches because we’re doing the cruise. I think that’s about it. That’s all I’ll have time for.”

On His Relationship With Vince McMahon: “Obviously a very intimidating guy, just by all the stuff he has accomplished, but great guy though,” Jericho said. “Really cool guy. Loves AC/DC, that’s his favorite band. Anybody that loves AC/DC is cool automatically. Just a good guy and very driven, very intense. Intimidating, but also he’s great to work for. I really enjoy throwing ideas around with each other, butting heads in a creative way. He’s the boss. You know he’s the boss, but he doesn’t rule with an iron fist. He doesn’t have to because he has the respect of everybody that works for him.”

On Vince McMahon Helping Him Avoid An Arrest Overseas: “About six, seven years ago I kicked a flag in Brazil which is a felony, which no one told us beforehand,” Jericho explained. “Like, it’s really bad. Long story short, the army wanted me arrested and taken to the jungle prison. He was really mad. Very furious. He actually suspended me for it. But in the meantime he got me out of there within hours. He’s like ‘you’re getting out of there now.’ So we went straight to the airport, got on the plane and took off and went to some other country. We weren’t supposed to leave until the next day and he said ‘you’re leaving now.'”