Shinsuke Nakamura Wanted to Do More in AJ Styles Feud, Talks Rise of Asian Wrestlers in WWE

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/02/18

Shinsuke Nakamura spoke with TV Insider for a new interview discussing his feud with AJ Styles and more. Highlights are below:

On his WWE 2K19 entrance: “The motion character actor did a really good job. For the entrance, everything comes from the feeling from that day. Sometimes I dance for concentration. I dance to release my nervousness. Everything has meaning. Using the fingers before a match. Most fighters are nervous before they go out there. Nervousness makes the body tight. I don’t like that. I want to fight with a normal feeling. That’s why I move the fingers, shoulders, everything. I try to move like spaghetti.”

On his feud with AJ Styles: “I wanted to do more for the first time on WWE. I think I could show myself more against AJ. But still, I liked getting the chance against AJ. After WrestleMania I became the heel, but I didn’t show everything. Just a little bit.”

On his low blow habits: “It was awesome because when I hit the low blow at WrestleMania, all the Japanese fans were shocked. The people in the arena were loud. They were like, ‘Yeah!’”

On the increase in Asian wrestlers in WWE: “This is big for Asians, not only for Japan. Everybody wants to get these opportunities,” he said. “Kairi Sane, Io Shirai achieved and accomplished a lot in Japan, but they wanted to wrestle in a bigger stage. Only place is WWE right now to do that, and their decision was correct. They made the right decision. Moving to the United States is a huge decision. There are wrestlers in Japan. I think they think they can move to WWE, but it’s not so easy. There is the language. I can speak English a bit, but I’m trying.”