Jim Ross Says It Makes Sense to Have Hulk Hogan Appear at WWE Crown Jewel

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/03/18

On a recent edition of his podcast and spoke about Hulk Hogan potentially being at Crown Jewel, Monday’s Raw main event angle, and more…

On the four legends closing Raw: “The bigger guys left with their duke up, and the fan favorites, I guess, you’re gonna say, probably so, were left laying. I like leaving the show with a definitive scenario to examine. Cowboy [Bill Watts] liked to book these things where we’d go off the air fighting, and I’d be screaming and busting my gut, you know veins popping, but we never resolved anything on the episode. And his theory was, and it’s not a bad theory, not say it didn’t work, it did work – they’ll tune back in next week to see what happened. And you say ‘well that won’t work today’ it won’t work today because if you go off the air, it’ll be on Twitter or social media. That stood out to me on that show of how the positioning of it was, and does that say to some of you that the WWE believes that that quartet of talent collectively are over more than any other entity on Raw? They closed the show, it’s the go-home show before the massive money show this weekend in Australia. All the little boxes are checked. Are some of the younger guys that are fighting their ass off to get over just not quite getting over the top of the mountain yet? May feel that way. I know that based on the television ratings, the ratings on Monday night were not good. So something ain’t stirring the coffee.”

On what match should close Super Show-Down: “I’m thinking it’s gotta be Undertaker versus Triple H. That’s how I’d book it. Cause you got Shawn out there, you got Kane out there (the mayor), you know, c’mon. That’s big time. So we’ll see how it goes. Interesting ‘big picture’ look though, of the order of events, what kicks off the show and what ends the show. Two real important tent poles to take a peek at.”

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan potentially being at Crown Jewel: “Why wouldn’t you have Hulk Hogan there? So to me it just makes sense that you’d figure a way to have Hogan on the card. Let the folks see him that grew up idolizing him in that part of the world. Does it play in all parts of the world? Hell, I don’t know. I don’t know, but I think it would be a massive hit, with great publicity and build great anticipation in Saudi Arabia if the Hulkster was on the card.”