Goldberg Talks a Possible WWE Return

Posted By James Walsh on 10/03/18

Goldberg recently spoke with TV Insider, and discussed being grateful for his original WCW run and the potential for another comebackÖ

On Being Grateful For His WCW Run: ďThanks to Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan and everybody else that was involved. I think the cool thing about it at the time and that sets it apart is it was organic in a predetermined world. It was something that I believed the fans kind of yearned for, and we kind of gave it to them.Ē

On Who Should Have Ended His Streak If Not Kevin Nash: ďKing Kong. Godzilla. I really donít know. I was very, very lucky to be in that position. I was a professional football player. I was new in the wrestling business. I was doing what everyone told me to do, asked me to do. I was lucky to be in that spot. I wasnít a creative guy. Iím an athlete. You lead up and have this streak. Then itís okay, who is the guy who is going to be you? I think at the time it was the right guy. Iíll be asked that question until the day I die. Iím just lucky to have a streak.Ē

On A Potential WWE Comeback: ďHas the itch been scratched for my son? As he is sitting next to me, and Iím taking him to school, I can tell you probably he would love for me to do it again. There is a lot of people he needs to say hello to that he got to be good friends with. Iím sure he misses them. But did that fill the void? I think it did. A lot of things go into it. A lot of things are molding my answer. All things considered for the storyline and the timing, I think it went the right way to do it. I think he is satiated as Iím helping coach his football team this afternoon. There are other things going on in a 12-year-oldís life. Right now, daddy is doing NCIS: Los Angeles, The Goldbergs, Knife or Death. There are so many other things.Ē