Johnny Gargano Explains Why He Doesn't Want to Get Called Up From NXT Yet

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/04/18

Johnny Gargano spoke with the Daily Star for a new interview and discussed persistant reports that some talent want to stay in NXT. Gargano told the site that NXT is a great place to be and that despite their WrestleMania dreams, the development brand is too much of “a special place” right now.

When asked about whether wrestlers would prefer to stay in NXT, Gargano replied, “I do not see why not. Everyone’s dream – and mine too – is to wrestle at WrestleMania, but right now NXT is such a special place. You have guys like me who have been wrestling around the world for ten years whose goal was to get here, and now we are all here tighter. We are focused on building something wrestling fans can be proud of, and we are building it together.”