Paige Says Daniel Bryan's Return Gives Her Hope For Her Career

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/09/18

WWE Smackdown GM Paige recently spoke with TV Insider, and explained why Daniel Bryan’s WWE return gives her hope for her own career…

On taking ownership of past mistakes: “Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, any kind of abuse. With the tape coming out and everything else happening, I wanted to tell people everything. I wanted to also take ownership for my faults. I wanted to own up to things I did and say, ‘Yes, I did do that. It sucks. I made a mistake. Here is why you shouldn’t do this or that.’ It was a great season to do that kind of stuff. I got to go to this women’s shelter. It was really inspiring. I really love this season. I just wanted to get on there so people could hear my side of the story.”

On this season of Total Divas showing how much she’s grown: “I am at a stage of my life where I don’t want to take any crap from anyone. There are a lot of times when I was very defensive, but it’s going to be really good. Nia Jax and I have so much fun. I say this every season, but this season is my favorite. Its so great with all the women. You see funerals, vacations, empowering moments…It’s a crazy season.”

On Daniel Bryan’s WWE return giving her hope for her own career: “His injury was a bit different, but he is still a superstar to me. Here is a guy who did not give up. It took three years since the last time he was in the ring. It gives me hope. I know it probably won’t happen for me because of the prognosis. But I just want a miracle to happen. Bryan is definitely an inspiration and would want to walk in his footsteps.”