Dolph Ziggler Says He Has Come Close to Leaving WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 10/09/18

Dolph Ziggler spoke with CBS Sportsí In This Corner podcast for a new interview discussing his past frustrations with booking and more. Highlights are below, per WZís Tyler Treese:

On who the ďJannettyĒ is between him and Drew McIntyre: ďWho is the Jannetty? There isnít one. You could be a fan that watched for a long time who enjoyed me, hated me, loved me, then really hated me. You can judge me all you want, but my facts donít care about your feelings. Check out the page, check out everything I have on my resume. Iíve done it all, all the while not being loved backstage. Iíve done all those accolades by myselfÖIíve never not made something amazing. Now Drew McIntyre had to leave to realize what he was missing, what he needed to fix. He came back razor sharp, laser-focused. A walking, talking Terminator. He told me when weíre not on camera that we need to rid this show and roster of anyone who is only pulling 99%, and he means it.Ē

On why WWE and fans might not always appreciate him: ďOne thing that has contributed to that is that Iím too good of an athlete that Iíve never taken time off. Iíve never had to disappear for a year and get something fixed. All of the damage Iíve put my body through, Iím so damn good at it and bouncing back due to my physical and mental strength. Even years ago when I was kicked in the brain and was knocked out, I finished the match. I was cleared in two weeks after extreme safety protocol because the brain is very important. In two weeks I sent videos in of me from home, so I didnít miss the show.Ē

On if booking can be frustrating at times: ďNo matter what situation youíre in, even with so many superstars and stories, even when youíre in the middle of something huge or you become world champion, the second itís not all about you. The second youíre not making these great gains because of something out of your hands, the fans turn on you. You donít always get the chance [to be the greatest champion], and more often than not you donítÖEven when itís going great, you think you should be deserving something better or you shouldnít be in this business.Ē

He ever came close to leaving WWE: ďIs there something more than 100%? Many factors, like I havenít gone away in 13 years is pretty ridiculous. I thought I needed to do that and I asked to do that and was told no. I tried several more times over the past two years and was finally told yes. That six months turned into being gone for three weeks and being brought back. I assure you every Monday Iím talking to the boss about how to make the show better. [Everyone gets on me] for teasing that Iíll be leaving, but it might be soon or it might be never.Ē